Ron Dekker © CESSDA

Ron Dekker
+47 55 58 36 43

Ron is chief executive officer and legal representative of CESSDA. His main responsibilities are leadership of the organisation and the team, responsibility for relations with members, service providers, external relations and corporate communication.

Ivana Ilijasic Versic © CESSDA

Chief Operations Officer
Ivana Ilijašić Veršić
+47 55 58 36 54

Ivana's main responsibilities include operational oversight of administration and finances at CESSDA, overall coordination and supervision of external (EU) and internal (work plans) projects for CESSDA, as well as coordination of CESSDA working groups.

Nina Bakanova © CESSDA

Management Assistant
Nina Bakanova
+47 55 58 36 48

Nina is responsible for all administrative duties at CESSDA: devising and maintaining office systems, arranging and coordinating meetings, composing correspondence and reports, dissemination and posting documents. Nina is in charge of billing and logistics.

Hossein Abroshan © CESSDA

Chief Technical Officer
Hossein Abroshan
+47 55 58 36 52

Hossein is managing technical direction and maintaining IT governance. He manages the technology strategy, systems implementations, and IT operations. Hossein leads our IT services and coordinates technical activities between the CESSDA Service Providers.

Eleanor Smith © CESSDA

Senior Communication Officer
Eleanor Smith
+47 55 58 36 47

Eleanor is responsible for all communications and public engagement activities for CESSDA. Eleanor also supports CESSDA’s Service Providers in their communication activities.

Julien Le Hericy © CESSDA

Technical Officer
Julien Le Hericy
+47 55 58 36 04

Julien is responsible for providing a highly productive development, test and production environment as well as maintaining, supporting and documenting the infrastructure for CESSDA.

Martina Drascic © CESSDA

Project Manager
Martina Draščić
+47 55 58 36 49

Martina is responsible for daily management of ongoing EU projects. She helps prepare project proposals, monitors project outputs, coordinates internal resources and third parties, and is responsible for creating and maintaining project documentation.