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Thu 13 Sep 2018

Data Impact Blog: Social media use and young people’s mental health: ‘chicken and egg’ – or something else?

The connections between social media and young people's mental health are very much in the news. Professor Liz Twigg from the University of Portsmouth discusses some questions about this phenomenon and introduces her new research into the area.

Tue 11 Sep 2018

Data Impact Blog: GGDOT Hacknights: exploring food, diet and sustainability

Have you ever wondered how your food choices affect the environment? Fancy exploring data on nutrition and greenhouse gas emissions and coming up with new ideas for changing food choices? Come along to the next GGDOT Hacknight in Manchester on Thursday 20th September.

Mon 10 Sep 2018

Data Impact Blog: Using data from the National Travel Survey to compare road travel deaths

Many people seem to think that cycling in this country is a particularly dangerous thing to do. They may not know that the UK has almost the lowest death rates for car drivers worldwide, so everything else is bound to be higher, as Jenny Mindell explores.

Thu 6 Sep 2018

Data Impact Blog: What does the Northern Ireland public think about the Armed Forces Covenant?

Dr Jana Ross, Dr Bethany Waterhouse-Bradley and Professor Cherie Armour of the Northern Ireland Veterans’ Health and Wellbeing Study explore the public's attitudes toward the Armed Forces Covenant.

Tue 4 Sep 2018

Data Impact Blog: Being a Carer: A Sizeable Problem?

Millions of people combine work with caring responsibilities – looking after an older relative, a disabled child or a partner, for example. But what are the effects on the health of those who do this? Using data from the UK Household Longitudinal Study (UKHLS) also known as Understanding Society, Rebecca Lacey and colleagues from the ESRC International Centre for Lifecourse Studies at UCL have found that younger women and those who juggle working and caring are at higher risk of being obese.

Thu 30 Aug 2018

Data Impact Blog: The gender pay gap from the perspective of people born in 1958

Heather Joshi, Alex Bryson, David Wilkinson and Kelly Ward from the Department of Social Sciences, Institute of Education, University College London consider the gender pay gap for people born in 1958 and the effects of unequal pay on financial equality.

Mon 20 Aug 2018

Data Impact Blog: What issues affecting children at ages 10-11 are most strongly linked to later mental ill health?

The Children’s Society’s and Barnardo’s have been working with researchers on the Understanding Society survey to explore what issues affecting children at ages 10-11 were most strongly linked to later mental ill health at 14-15 years old.

Mon 13 Aug 2018

Data Impact Blog: Introducing the Safe Data Access Professionals Working Group

James Scott and Christine Woods, both Senior User Support and Training Officers (Secure Access Training) at the UK Data Service, introduce us to the Safe Data Access Professionals (SDAP) Working Group and the work they are doing to professionalise the roles of those working in Safe Settings. What is the SDAP Working Group and […

Thu 9 Aug 2018

ELSST Blog: SERISS thesaurus evaluation: final results

Lorna Balkan Project aims In recent years, ELSST has benefited from two strands of funding. Development work on the thesaurus content and software has been funded by the ESRC-funded CESSDA-ELSST project, and continues under the EU-funded CESSDA Vocabulary Services Multilingual …

Thu 9 Aug 2018

Data Impact Blog: Are experiences of poor quality parenting in childhood associated with cancer risk at older ages?

Panos Demakakos from UCL explores how childhood upbringing is related to health issues in later life. A bit of a background After years of epidemiological and ageing research, I have reached a fundamental conclusion: it is impossible to gain a good understanding of complex phenomena such as the ageing process or the development of chronic disease […