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Tue 17 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: Unhappiness in unemployment – is it the same for everyone?

Women whose attitudes towards gender are equal — suffer more from unemployment than their women with more traditional attitudes. This is one of the findings of research into how the loss of a job affects the life satisfaction of men and women in the UK.

Mon 16 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: British Social Attitudes 35

Recently, NatCen published the 35th year of the British Social Attitudes Survey. Alongside this, they pulled out some key findings from different areas of the survey. We explore a few in this blog.

Thu 12 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: 5 things that official inflation figures don’t tell you about the minimum cost of living

Professor Donald Hirsch has recently worked with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation on the Minimum Income Standard. That research used the English Housing Survey among other datasets. In this blog, he examines how current measures for inflation don't always reflect costs of living.

Tue 10 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: Big Crime Rises, Big Crime Falls: New Evidence of the Impact of Prices, Policing and Policy

Matteo Sandi, one of our Data Impact Fellows, shares findings from his research into metal crime.

Mon 9 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: #DataImpactFellows doing great work

Our Data Impact Fellows are a fantastic group of early career researchers who are out to change the world. We're very proud of the research they're doing and the impact they are already having.Here's a quick rundown of what a few of them have been up to.

Thu 5 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: The NHS at 70 – and what people think of it

Chris Coates explores how data in the UK Data Service collection is being used to look at how the British feel about the NHS on its big birthday. The NHS is 70 on 5 July 2018, and another long-standing UK institution, exactly half its age, can tell us a lot about it. The British Social Attitudes […

Wed 4 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: Is the normalisation of ‘plus-size’ bodies in the UK undermining the battle against obesity?

A new study reveals that overweight and obese adults in the UK are more likely to underestimate their weight status and less likely to try to lose weight, especially among lower-income, lower-education, and minority groups.

Mon 2 Jul 2018

Data Impact Blog: In the News (2nd July)

A round-up from the news and across the web of the impact of data in the UK Data Service collection...- Scottish government woes?- Changing West Midlands- Flying anywhere?- Home sweet home

Thu 28 Jun 2018

Data Impact Blog: What is the size of Australia’s non-heterosexual population?

In the first in an occasional series looking at the use and impact of socio-economic data from other countries which is similar to that in the UK Data Service collection, Tom Wilson and Fiona Shalley explore issues connected with calculating the number of non-heterosexual people in Australia.

Wed 27 Jun 2018

Data Impact Blog: Has the National Living Wage really benefited low-paid employees?

Agnes Norris Keiller from the Institute for Fiscal Studies examines how the pay and living standards of low-wage employees have changed since the National Living Wage was introduced. She finds that while low-paid employees have seen strong growth in their earnings from employment, improvements in their average living standards have been much more modest. She also highlights that poverty among low-paid employees has fallen because of stronger income growth for those who live in lower-income households.