Celebrating Finland's Independence Day: FSD theme page "Life in the 100-year-old Finland"

This year, FSD has participated in the celebrations of the centenary of Finland’s independence by publishing a new data theme page every month since April.

The themes of these pages have been diverse, including, for example, equality and impartiality, safety and security, alcohol and substance use, food, and culture and leisure.

On Independence Day (6 December), FSD’s celebratory project culminates with the release of the final theme page – Life in the 100-year-old Finland. The page contains data collected in Finland in 2016 and 2017 available on FSD’s Aila Data Service. The data on the page paint one picture of what Finland is currently like and what Finns think about different issues.

The data list will be updated as new data become available.

FSD wishes everyone a wonderful Independence Day!

More information:

See the previous theme of the month: Past and future.

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