Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives


Wed 12 Dec 2018 CESSDA Widening Meeting paves the way to new membership

After a successful first 2018 Widening event in Milan in June, the second CESSDA Widening Meeting...

Tue 4 Dec 2018 The art of communication

Ron Dekker writes about how good communication is crucial to the EOSC-hub strategy and the succes...

Thu 29 Nov 2018 Being trustworthy and FAIR requires people, processes, technologies and collaboration

Today is the World Digital Preservation Day and our Finnish Service Provider FSD has published a...

Mon 5 Nov 2018 Our new website focuses on users and tools & services

CESSDA launches a new website which focuses on its user groups and has more to offer researchers.

Fri 26 Oct 2018 CESSDA is hiring a Technical Officer - join the team!

We are looking to hire a Technical Officer to work at CESSDA Main Office in Bergen, Norway.

Mon 22 Oct 2018 Vision now reality - CESSDA’s high quality Technical Infrastructure is ready to go

The running theme of the CESSDA Expert Seminar 2018 (CES2018) was “ensuring common standards”.

Thu 18 Oct 2018 Greek Service Provider of CESSDA gets funding for open data project

Our Greek service provider has obtained a new project, "So.Da.Net in Action". The So.Da...

Mon 15 Oct 2018 CESSDA interviews Sonia Stefanizzi from the Italian data archive

The CESSDA Strengthening and Widening meeting in Milan earlier this year, organised in collaborat...

Fri 12 Oct 2018 CESSDA interviews ESFRI Chair Jan Hrušák

In June this year, CESSDA organised a Strengthening and Widening meeting in Milan. The two-day ev...