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Equality and impartiality - Theme of the month in celebration of Finland 100

The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) celebrates the centenary of Finland's independence by publishing a new data theme page on the sixth day of each month starting from April.

The theme for April is equality and impartiality – principles which Finland has achieved very well in global comparison and which Finns take pride in. Finland is among the best in the world in several equality rankings, including gender equality, fairness for children and absence of corruption.

Success in achieving equality and impartiality, both in everyday life and in the activities of various institutions, is also studied a great deal in Finland. Several datasets charting equality, impartiality and fairness are available for reuse at the FSD.

Topics include, for example, equality at work, gender equality and equality for people from minority groups. On the theme page you can find the most recently published datasets on the subject, data series as well as recommendations for individual datasets selected by the FSD staff.

The next theme page will be published in May and the FSD’s centenary project culminates in the publication of a theme page entitled "Life in a 100-year-old Finland on the eve of Finland’s Independence Day, 5 December". This page will feature data collected in Finland in 2016 and 2017, which paint a picture of what Finland is currently like and what Finns think about different issues.

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