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Recommendations to the General Data Protection Regulation

Participating organisations in the recent Day of Action are urging EU policy-makers to recognise the technical and ethical safeguards which already exist in research and to ensure that research and healthcare are not hindered by the General Data Protection Regulation.

Outlined in the 4-page document below are the Day of Action recommendations to the General Data Protection Regulation.

They can be summarised as follows:

  1. The Regulation should safeguard the interests of patients in medical research.
  2. The Regulation should maintain the distinction between use of personal data for ‘historical, statistical or scientific purposes’ and data processing which is potentially harmful to data subjects.
  3. Harmonised rules for research at EU level would be preferable to promote trans-national research collaboration.
  4. The Council’s approach, which provides derogations to Member States with respect to consent for historical, scientific, and statistical research, should be maintained to avoid negative effects on research.

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