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Survey reveals user satisfaction with Finnish archive's services and data

Customers seem to be satisfied with the services and data offered by our Finnish Service Provider.

FSD conducted a user satisfaction survey in late 2017, in which as many as four out of five respondents said that they were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with the service they had received from FSD. A vast majority of respondents, 84 percent, were also satisfied with the data available for download at FSD.

Based on the results of the survey, FSD is a helpful and reliable organisation, whose expertise meets the needs of the customer. Users also believed that FSD’s work as a contributor to the development of science is important for society.

Of all the services offered by FSD, the most popular one among the respondents was the Aila Data Service, which is used for reading descriptions of datasets and downloading data for re-use (e.g. research, teaching or study). Over 80 percent of the respondents had browsed data and variables on Aila and over 70 percent had downloaded data.

The user satisfaction survey conducted in November 2017 was targeted at registered users of the Aila Data Service and people who had deposited data and acted as contact persons for deposited data. A total of 269 responses to the survey were received, which constitute nine percent of the 2,917-customer sample. The majority of respondents were students and researchers at universities and universities of applied sciences.

Figure 1: Satisfaction with data and services provided by FSD


Source: FSD

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