This project will develop further the CESSDA Metadata Portfolio version 1 built in the CESSDA Metadata Management (CMM) project from the 2015 Work Plan that ends in April 2017. CMM2 will make it possible to align optimally with other CESSDA initiatives like the Product and Service Catalogue, OSMH, the Euro Question Bank, as well as the DDI CVG and DDI Moving Forward project.


This policy was agreed by the CESSDA General Assembly on 14 June 2016. The primary objective of the policy was to put into a separate statement a series of principles which conformed to the intentions of the Statutes around data access conditions. The secondary objective of the policy was to demonstrate CESSDA’s commitment to both open science and the fullest protection of the privacy of data subjects, as well as, inter alia, protecting the intellectual property rights of the data owners.


  • Data Discovery Index


  • Open Access Information System


To automate and document various workflows, update the Technical Architecture document, disseminate the software development guidelines and elicit feedback on them, continue to enroll developers to the development environment and revise the Metadata Harvester and Repository Handlers to comply with the CESSDA Metadata Management model.


  • Multilingual translation platform

In order to support Content editors (e.g. for Controlled Vocabularies, Thesauri) and the internationalisation of user interfaces (e.g. for PaSC, EQB and CV Manager), a platform that supports the workflow for translation of terms and phrases is needed. Without this, there is the prospect of either similar functionality being built in to several products, or translation efforts becoming ad hoc and unmanaged, leading to inconsistent and sometimes low quality translations and duplications of effort.