CESSDA Product and Services Catalogue

The goal is to build up a central one-stop-shop for search/discovery of micro data sets relevant to social science research. The PaSC will be the main interaction point between CESSDA and researchers, and needs to support required functionality and workflows to fulfil this role.

Open Source Metadata Harvester

The benefits of the Metadata Harvesting Tool are that by providing the metadata harvester as a service means that it is distributed (available to all) and borderless (location-independent) and authorised clients at any location can use it. It provides benefits to the consortium as the availability of an open source and extensible Metadata Harvesting Tool enables the consortium to plan and develop a range of high-level services including, but not limited to the two mentioned in the previous point.

Controlled Vocabularies Manager

Controlled vocabularies (CV) will form a crucial part of the forthcoming CESSDA metadata standard. The vocabularies will be used to aid information retrieval in the CESSDA Product and Services Catalogue and in Euro Question Bank as well.

Euro Question Bank

The Euro Question Bank (EQB) is a central search facility across all CESSDA’s survey holdings. It will be based on the DDI-Lifecycle metadata standard, and a close collaboration with the CESSDA Metadata Management project will be undertaken. The Open Source Metadata Harvester tool will be further developed for this. It will be easy for CESSDA Service Providers to contribute documentation from their holdings standardised metadata. It will be possible to integrate EQB into the CESSDA Product and Services Portal.