CESSDA Training provides customised guidance and training workshops on research data management and digital preservation in conjunction with other recognised CESSDA organisations and experts. Specifically, we provide support concerning:

  • data management planning for researchers, research projects, and research centres in the social sciences;
  • the importance of sharing publicly funded research data and meeting funder requirements on data management, preservation, and re-use;
  • best practice on obtaining consent for re-use, data copyright and the use of existing data sources confidentiality and anonymisation, documentation and data enhancement, methods of data sharing, file formats, physical and digital data storage;
  • support for long-term preservation and dissemination of research data.

We also provide individual consultation and collaboration with researchers and archivists on these topics.

CESSDA Training events held regularly are:

  • Introduction to Research Data Management for Social Scientists
  • First steps towards digital preservation
  • Teaching an introductory workshop in digital preservation (train the trainers)
  • CESSDA Expert Seminar (in cooperation with CESSDA partners)

Download the brochures to find out more:

The FOSTER Project

The FOSTER Project aims to set in place sustainable mechanisms for EU researchers to FOSTER OPEN SCIENCE in their daily workflow, thus supporting researchers optimizing their research visibility and impact, the adoption of EU open access policies in line with the EU objectives on Responsible Research & Innovation.

The main goal is to promote open data in the research community and raise awareness about sharing research data and using existing research data. A course offered by CESSDA partners is designed for doctoral students from the field of social sciences and humanities. It consists of lectures and hands-on sessions focused on good Research Data Management practices and issues related to data sharing within the current EU frameworks.

Upcoming FOSTER Training events:

List of all upcoming events

Some past examples of customised trainings


Consultancy for an international project funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Program Education and Culture DG

CESSDA Training conducted a two-day workshop on Research Data Management for the project team after the project had already started collecting data. Throughout the workshop, issues that the project faced were discussed systematically. The project received a final report with suggested actions to take to address existing challenges.


Consultancy for the EUANDI project

CESSDA Training advised the project on data preparation and documentation for re-use in its planning stage. Specifically, a data preparation concept for two different re-use scenarios was created.

Input on Research Data Management Planning for an interdisciplinary project collecting sensitive data in rural Southeast Asia

CESSDA Training gave an introduction to Research Data Management as part of the project’s kick-off workshop followed by in-depth discussion of specific RDM challenges facing the project focusing on data security and protection, storage and data submission, documentation, and Intellectual Property Rights.