Main take-aways

After completing your trips around this chapter you should:

  • Be aware of your legal and ethical obligations towards participants and be informed of the different legal requirements of Member States;
  • Understand how well-protecting your data, protects you against violating laws and promises made to participants;
  • Understand the impact of the upcoming General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR; European Union, 2016);
  • Understand how a combination of informed consent, anonymisation and access controls allows you to create shareable personal data;
  • Be able to define what elements should be integrated into a consent form;
  • Be able to apply anonymisation techniques to your data;
  • Be able to answer the DMP questions which are listed at the end of this chapter and adapt your own DMP.

Authors and guides to this chapter

  • ScotSummers_Tekengebied 1
  • Scott Summers | UK Data Archive

    I have undertaken legal research for over 10 years, and currently work to advise researchers on various issues around data sharing; such as, data protection, consent, anonymisation and controlling access to data. My hope is that this module will provide researchers with the resources and tools they need – particularly when undertaking international collaborative projects – to enable them to actively protect and share their research data whilst complying with the legal and ethical requirements.

  • LibbyBishop_Tekengebied 1
  • Libby Bishop | UK Data Archive

    I have worked in the area of research data management for over a decade, with special interest in legal and ethical issues of sharing data. Despite the diversity of national laws and ethical practices about data, I hope that this guide gives researchers useful knowledge to be more confident when making decisions about using, publishing, and sharing their data.