Webinars and Tutorials

The tutorials on Elements of the Ingest & Access/Dissemination Workflow were developed as part of the CESSDA SaW project. As part of trainings for data archive practitioners they provide guidance on data Ingest and dissemination practices. Following the OAIS reference model as the standard theoretical framework for many archives, they also give a short overview on its key terms.

Research Data Management Community Training, 23.06.2016
The RDM Community training provides participants with an improved awareness of the different aspects involved in Research Data Management. The webinar is meant for future trainers, who will get acquainted with different methods of sharing information and knowledge with different target groups. View resources and a recording of the webinar here.

Access Policies and Usage Regulations: Licenses, 30.06.2016
The webinar about licensing and policy looks into why it is important that research data are provided with licenses. View resources and a recording of the webinar here.


Writing a Data Management Plan

The What and When of Research Data Management

Roles and Responsibilities of Data Archives

CESSDA Expert Seminar 2015

CESSDA Workshop on Persistent Identification 2016


CESSDA Training Blog: https://cessdatraining.wordpress.com/

Data management

CESSDA User Guide on data management

Name Type Size
1_Research data management PDF 109 KB
2_Research data management plan PDF 103 KB
3_Data sharing PDF 101 KB
4_Documentation and metadata PDF 112 KB
5_File formats PDF 104 KB
6_Data security PDF 139 KB
7_Intellectual property rights PDF 106 KB
8_Data consent and ethics PDF 123 KB
9_Research data management checklist PDF 99 KB

CESSDA Training course on Research Data Management for Social Scientists

Course description RDM (PDF, 156 KB)

Digital preservation

CESSDA User Guide DP
Name Type Size
1_What is digital preservation PDF 252 KB
3_Data appraisal and ingest PDF 225 KB
4_Documentation and metadata PDF 157 KB
5_Access and reuse PDF 201 KB
6_´┐╝´┐╝Trusted digital repositories: audit and certification PDF 165 KB

CESSDA Training course on First steps towards digital preservation

CESSDA Training course on Teaching an introductory workshop in digital preservation (train the trainers)

Other training courses

Essentials 4 Data Support is an introductory course for people who (want to) support researchers in storing, managing, archiving and sharing their research data. Essentials 4 Data Support is a product of Research Data Netherlands.