Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives


It is part of CESSDA’s mission to facilitate teaching and learning in the social sciences. CESSDA has a Training Working Group that is responsible to support continuous learning and training of its Service Provider staff and the social science user community. A CESSDA Training website, managed by the CESSDA Training Working Group, will be available soon.

We focus on training for

  • data producers,
  • data (re-)users,
  • data professionals and CESSDA Service Provider staff.

You can find training, advice and educational resources on:

  • research data management,
  • data discovery, harmonisation and re-use,
  • digital preservation and data archiving,
  • CESSDA tools and services.

Consult the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide. You will be guided by European experts who are - on a daily basis - busy ensuring long-term access to valuable social science datasets, available for discovery and reuse at one of the 17 CESSDA social science data archives. With this guide and the training events being held across Europe, we want to accompany and inspire you in your journey through the research data life cycle.