Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Part 1 - CRA1: Organisational Infrastructure

High Level Description / Objectives

The Capability Requirement Area of Organisational Infrastructure consist of a set of process areas that support the development and maintenance of a viable preservation organisation. The processes include a clear definition and delimitation of the mission and scope of the organisation; to keep its operations aligned to relevant legal and regulatory frameworks; to have have adequate funding, valid budget planning, and sufficient numbers of appropriately qualified staff, managed through a clear system of governance, where roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, to effectively carry out the mission of the organisation. In short, the overall aim of this CPA is to have an appropriate organisational structure that fits the objectives, tasks and processes of the organisation.

In the CESSDA SaW context the aim is to establish, operate and strengthen (CESSDA) service providers for the social sciences.


The CRA Organisational Infrastructure is divided in five Capability Process Areas, which each has it own purpose. Within each CPA there are several activities defined to achieve the specific objective(s) of that CPA. For each CPA a capability completeness is defined.


Summary of Capability Requirements Area: Organisational Infrastructure


Capability Process Area

Main Purpose


Mission and scope

Depositors and users must be clear that preservation of, and continued access to, the data is an explicit role of the repository. [DSA-WDS Common Requirements/V2.2 - R1]


Contracts, licenses and liabilities

Generic objectives and activities


Funding, staff, resources

The repository has adequate funding and sufficient numbers of qualified staff managed through a clear system of governance to effectively carry out the mission [DSA-WDS Common Requirements/V2.2 - R5]


Outreach and communication

Generic objectives and activities


Confidentiality, ethics and disclosure risk

The repository ensures, to the extent possible, that data are created, curated, accessed, and used in compliance with disciplinary and ethical norms. [DSA-WDS Common Requirements/V2.2 - R4]



Generic objectives and activities


Management oversight

Generic objectives and activities