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Part 3 - CRA3: Technical Infrastructure

High Level Description / Objectives

The technical infrastructure of an organisation, or an infrastructure, provides the technical underpinnings for it to fulfil its functions and the provision of services to its designated communities. As such, this section of the model can involve a wide range of support technologies and services, but could also be limited to the core technology used to deliver services to the communities.


The Capability Requirement Area (CPA) of Technical Infrastructure is divided into five different Capability Process Areas (CPAs) which each has its own main purpose or goal. The model identifies the set of CPAs in the table below.

Summary of Capability Requirement Area: Technical Infrastructure


Capability Process Area

Main objective


Risk Assessment

The generic objectives and activities of this CPA are found across other capability process areas and can be used within these CPAs.


Technical Planning and Management

The organisation has sufficient and appropriate technical infrastructure resources, suitable skilled staff, software, technical services, and appropriate management plans to ensure that all functions and services of the repository are supported.


Technical Resilience - Infrastructure

The objective of infrastructural technical resilience is to ensure that in the event of failure of a key infrastructural component that there is sufficient resources to ensure continuation of functions and services of the repository to its designated community in accordance with policies and service level agreements.


Technical Resilience - Security

The objective of security technical resilience is to ensure that data, and in particular confidential data, is handled in a safe and trustworthy manner by the organisation and its staff.


Technical Resilience - Disaster Planning

The objective of disaster planning (security risk management) is to have mechanisms and functions in place to assess and highlight specific risks to the continuity of the digital resources and holdings of the repository.