Managing Research Data

Practicing good research data management will keep your data alive for generations and create an impact long after your original research.


CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG)

The CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide aims to put social scientists at the heart of making their research data findable, understandable, sustainably accessible and reusable.

CESSDA experts, busy to ensure long-term access to valuable social science datasets, available for discovery and reuse on a daily basis, guide, accompany and inspire users of the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide in their journey through the research data life cycle.

Linking Twitter & Survey Data [online workshop]

Date: 23 June 2020

Video: The CESSDA online workshop led by Luke Sloan (Cardiff University), Johannes Breuer (GESIS), and Libby Bishop (GESIS) covered the key steps in the research process of linking Twitter and survey data. Specifically, the workshop addressed the phases of study planning, (Twitter) data collection, data processing, and archiving and sharing. The workshop drew on recent experiences from different studies that the instructors were involved in and provided guidance on how to address the ethical and operational issues associated with linking Twitter and survey data in the different phases of the research process.

The supporting materials are also available for download on Zenodo.

CESSDA Webinar - Archiving Social Media Data

Date: 4 June 2020

Webinar: While much effort has gone into developing tools and methods for collecting and analyzing social media data, there still is considerable uncertainty regarding the archiving of these data. This webinar brought together experts from various institutions that have experience in working with social media data to discuss practical, ethical, and legal challenges. The speakers are Libby Hemphill (ICPSR), Janez Štebe (Slovenian Social Sciences Data Archives), Sara D. Thomson (University of Edinburgh), Libby Bishop (GESIS), Sebastian Karcher (Qualitative Data Repository), and Oliver Watteler (GESIS).

The slides and recording from CESSDA Webinar on Archiving Social Media Data are available for download.

CESSDA Webinar - The GDPR and research one year on: experiences across Europe

Date: 27 June 2019

Webinar: This webinar consisted of a panel of data protection specialists from the CESSDA network sharing their experiences with the GDPR implementation, pointing to practical guidance, and answering all your questions. Brief presentations were followed by an interactive panel discussion.

Slides from the webinar

GDPR Q&A can be retrieved on this page of the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide.

Train-the-Trainers Package

The Train-the-trainers (TTT) package forms an addition to the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG, which was developed by the CESSDA Training Working Group in 2017.

The package contains different materials that trainers can use in developing and giving Research Data Management trainings for (social science) researchers.

Webinar - Love Data Management

Date: 16 February 2018

Webinar: This webinar introduces the Data Management Expert Guide, developed by fifteen data experts from CESSDA. , how to use it for self-study or for delivering face-to-face data management training.

Besides an overview of the guide and how to navigate it, the webinar covers data management planning and key legal and ethical considerations in creating shareable data.

Slides from the webinar

Research Data Management Community Training

Date: 23 June 2016

Webinar: This webinar is meant for future trainers, who will get acquainted with different methods of sharing information and knowledge on research data management with different target groups.