Mission & Vision

CESSDA Mission and Vision

The vision of CESSDA, as stated in its statutes, is to provide a full scale sustainable research infrastructure that enables the research community to conduct high-quality research which in turn leads to effective solutions to the major challenges facing society today.

CESSDA will support national and international research and cooperation in areas expected to be of great importance in the future. The primary objectives of CESSDA are to facilitate and promote more and wider use of high-quality data in social, economic and political research and in turn, improve our understanding of ongoing societal processes, the problems involved and the solutions available.

The objective of CESSDA is to provide a comprehensive, distributed and integrated social science data research infrastructure which will facilitate and support research, teaching and learning of the highest quality throughout the social sciences in the European Research Area and increase the impact of the activities of its members.

CESSDA already has a critical impact on the social sciences and related research communities, as it provides access to numerous data collections, enabling European comparative research and contributing to thousands of theses and scientific publications.

A major upgrade is necessary, however, in order to strengthen and widen the existing research infrastructure and make it more comprehensive, efficient, effective, integrated and pan-European. The aim of this upgraded infrastructure is to enable researchers to work together within and across research fields, regions and countries, developing leading-edge research methods and tools to analyse all forms of data relevant to social science research.