Main take-aways

After completing your travels through this chapter you should be:

  • Familiar with concepts such as (sensitive) personal data and FAIR principles;
  • Aware of what data management and a data management plan (DMP) is and why it is important;
  • Familiar with the content elements that make up a DMP;
  • Able to answer the DMP questions which are listed at the end of this chapter and adapt your own DMP.

Authors and guides to this chapter

  • UlfJakobsson_Tekengebied 1
  • Ulf Jakobsson | Swedish National Data Service (SND)

    I have worked with SNDs DMP-material for several years, taking special interest in the legal and technical issues of sharing and preserving data. Over the years I have had several discussions with researchers, realising the importance of a guide like this, hopefully aiding them making their data FAIR.

  • Ricardav3_Tekengebied 1
  • Ricarda Braukmann | Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS)

    I recently finished my PhD in social sciences and aimed to bring a researcher’s perspective into the module.

  • Malin3_Tekengebied 1
  • Malin Lundgren | Swedish National Data Service (SND)

    My experiences from working with data management in research projects at the University of Gothenburg, as well as my work at SND with data management plans and RDM training to researchers and university staff, have been useful in creating the module.