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The CESSDA Strategy 2018-2022 has four pillars:

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Ireland officially joins CESSDA!

Ireland officially joins CESSDA!

On 3 November 2021, the Irish Research Council announced Ireland’s membership of CESSDA.



CESSDA will get a new Director in 2022

CESSDA will get a new Director in 2022

CESSDA ERIC has started the search for a new director. The current Director, Ron Dekker, was recruited for a five-year term which comes to an end on 28 February 2022.


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8 Dec 2021

Data Description and Metadata - What it takes to produce a good one?

Finding relevant research data is tremendously easier if the data are described in detail using controlled vocabularies and discipline-specific metadata. But this is still not enough. Data descriptions should be descriptions of data, scope, collection methods and use, not published research outputs and results. This skill is important for anyone describing research data in repository services, libraries, or research-producing organisations.

8 Dec 2021

Data in the spotlight: International time series databanks

This free 90-minute online workshop will introduce you to the international time series data held by the UK Data Service, we’ll look at the range of socio-economic topics covered, explore some key datasets like the World Development Indicators and the IEA Renewable Energy Statistics, and cover how to access and download the data.