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CESSDA asks ten questions to Cathrin Stöver

CESSDA asks ten questions to Cathrin Stöver

Cathrin Stöver is Chief Collaboration Officer​ at GÉANT. She has 20 years of experience working in global telecommunications and the roll-out of network infrastructures across various continents.



Plenty of EU Elections Study Data in the CESSDA Data Catalogue

Plenty of EU Elections Study Data in the CESSDA Data Catalogue

Our Swedish Service Provider SND has published an article based on an interview with CESSDA Platform Delivery Director, John Shepherdson.


More events

20 May 2019

Life Hacks for Quantitative Research Methods Lecturers – Data specialist trai...

In this 1-day train-the–trainer course, our experts will give short lectures on a topic (e.g. FAIR data principles), identify the main points students should take away, and provide lecturers with handouts and exercises to use (or adapt for use) in their classrooms. Participants will receive digital copies of the lecture notes, handouts and related materials for their own use (under Creative Commons Attribution licenses). The first half of the day will focus on theoretical aspects, including touching on new ethical and legal considerations post-General Data Protection Regulation, the concept of Open Science, and the FAIR principles. The second half of the workshop will examine practical case studies in large-scale cross-national data harmonisation and documentation, the European Values Survey including introduction to free software that digitizes variable harmonisation and documentation work and get to preview a newly built website that will archive the documentation of such work.

21 May 2019

SERISS Webinar - Meeting funders’ requirements – archiving and data sharing

This introductory webinar is intended for anyone who is involved in the collection of data and is considering making (some of) their data available in accordance with funders’ requirements.

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