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The CESSDA Strategy 2018-2022 has four pillars:

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Two brand new guides for researchers launched at ESRA2019

Two brand new guides for researchers launched at ESRA2019

Two short guides aimed at researchers using administrative data and social media data will be handed out at the ESRA conference which starts today in Zagreb.



FAIRsFAIR Open Call for Data Repositories

FAIRsFAIR Open Call for Data Repositories

Would you like to get dedicated support for your data repository to achieve the CoreTrustSeal certification or to have your repository to be more compatible with other repositories? Then this open call might be something for you!


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1 Aug 2019 - 2 Aug 2019

Open Access to Research Data: Facing Funders’ Requirements on Making Research...

The current workshop introduces the FAIR data principles in light of ensuring Open Access to research data. It discusses requirements of Open Access to research data and how the FAIR data principles foster a widespread of high quality data. Based on the definition of the FAIR principles and the discussion on appropriate requirements, the course guides researchers on how to process shareable data that can be re-used by others and how researchers could make such shareable data FAIR.This workshop is a short course at the GESIS Summer School 2019.

20 Aug 2019 - 23 Aug 2019

ESA Conference 2019

The European Sociological Association (ESA) is organising its 2019 conference in Manchester on 20-23 August.

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