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Fri 24 May 2024 - GESIS Blog

Wi4impact #2 – The Potential of Digital Media in Knowledge Transfer

The second part of the Wi4impact blog series explores the potential of digital media in knowledge transfer. Digital transfer media, such as blogs and podcasts, are increasingly used to ensure that...

Data Impact Blog
Tue 21 May 2024 - Data Impact Blog

Unlocking Adolescent Potential: The Power of Family Support Amidst Childhood Adversities and poverty

Nicholas Kofi Adjei, Research Associate at the University of Liverpool, discusses the relationship between family adversities across the early life course and perceived emotional support in adolesc...

SND News
Wed 15 May 2024 - SND News

SND is coming to Almedalsveckan 2024

As part of an initiative to increase SND’s visibility and collaboration with stakeholders on the national arena, SND will visit the Almedalsveckan democracy festival this year. In addition to havin...

Data Impact Blog
Tue 14 May 2024 - Data Impact Blog

New data identifies ethnic minority groups at risk of poor mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic

Dr Patricia Irizar, Simon Fellow at the University of Manchester, discusses new data which shows how COVID-19 impacted the health of ethnic minority people. 

Tue 7 May 2024 - GESIS Blog

Inequality in computer science results from the dynamics in a system that is dominantly male

Individual inequality increases, and gender inequality exists, regarding the number of papers by computer scientists. Both patterns vanish when only papers by first authors with durable careers are...

Data Impact Blog
Tue 7 May 2024 - Data Impact Blog

Mobilise your research in the policy landscape with CLOSER’s Policy Hub

Jay Dominy, Public Affairs Manager at CLOSER, introduces CLOSER’s policy hub, a tool to help researchers with engagement and policy impact.