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Fri 7 Jul 2023 - AUSSDA Blog

5 Jahre AUSSDA – unsere Jubiläumsfeier

Stimmen aus der sozialwissenschaftlichen Community, eine Preisverleihung und spannende Diskussionen zur Zukunft von AUSSDA und Open Science – ein Rückblick auf unser Event

Fri 7 Jul 2023 - AUSSDA Blog

5 years of AUSSDA – we celebrated our anniversary

Feedback from the social science community, an award presentation and engaging discussions on the future of AUSSDA and Open Science - a recap of our event

Thu 6 Jul 2023 - DANS News

DANS at the Open Science Conference

Het bericht DANS at the Open Science Conference verscheen eerst op DANS....

Data Impact Blog
Tue 4 Jul 2023 - Data Impact Blog

Vertical and horizontal mismatch in the UK: are graduates’ skills a good fit for their jobs?

Michela Vecchi, Professor of Economics at Kingston University, and Catherine Robinson, Professor of Applied Economics at Kent Business School, share about their research looking at skills mismatch...

SND News
Thu 29 Jun 2023 - SND News

A proud Max Petzold leaves SND after eight years as Director

After eight years as Director of Swedish National Data Service, Max Petzold is stepping down to become Deputy Vice-Chancellor at the University of Gothenburg. “It has been some incredibly enjoyable...

Data Impact Blog
Tue 27 Jun 2023 - Data Impact Blog

UK Data Service Data Impact Fellows 2023: Niels Blom

We are delighted to announce Niels Blom as one of our Data Impact Fellows for 2023. In this post Niels shares a bit about his background, his current work and research and what he hopes to get out...