CESSDA's Four Pillars

The Agenda 21-24 is a multiannual, concrete work plan that serves as a basis for CESSDA internal projects in the period of 2021-2024.

The agenda guides CESSDA Service Providers towards delivering products and services that align with the Consolidated Roadmap and the CESSDA Strategy.

In line with this, CESSDA also developed a new concept to update the roadmaps for each CESSDA pillar. The Consolidated Roadmap is a document that combines updated roadmaps for all four CESSDA pillars. It is a thematic pathway to delivering the CESSDA Strategy and vision. The revised document has a medium-term perspective and provides updates and sets priorities for the CESSDA Strategy 2018 – 2022 and beyond.

All CESSDA working groups aligned their efforts to ensure the Consolidated Roadmap was cohesive and complementary. An additional novelty is the introduction of the Widening and Outreach pillar from 2021 onwards. It became a new strategic pillar with a set of activities in the coming years. It is also a horizontal pillar, building upon all other CESSDA Pillars (Trust, Training, and Tools).

  • raises awareness on open science and FAIR data principles
  • increases data skills of researchers and trainers
  • provides training and educational materials
  • builds internal capacity at the level of service providers and ensures coordination with other European partners.
  • provides tools for data curation and publication
  • supports finding, accessing and reusing research data and metadata
  • works according to FAIR principles and regardless of borders
  • is committed to respecting data privacy and security issues.
  • aims for a consortium of trusted repositories with full European coverage
  • supports Service Providers and partners at different levels of maturity
  • shares expertise
  • enables the scaling of services while minimising duplication of effort.
Widening & Outreach

CESSDA is developing a Pan-European collaboration going beyond the current CESSDA membership. We do this by addressing data archives in services in the social sciences and humanities in prospective non-member countries. CESSDA wishes to grow, while also strengthening ties with current members.

We want to be a leader in European data discovery and actively represent Europe on the global stage of data driven social science research. CESSDA will increase its visibility, share standards, and encourage the uptake of its tools and policies in scientific research communities.

This pillar will actively collaborate with the other CESSDA pillars.