Main take-aways

After completing your travels through this chapter you should:

  • Be familiar with strategies to minimise errors during the processes of data entry and data coding;
  • Understand why the choice of file format should be planned carefully;
  • Be able to manage the integrity and authenticity of your data during the research process;
  • Understand the importance of a systematic approach to data quality;
  • Able to answer the DMP questions which are listed at the end of this chapter and adapt your own DMP.

Authors and guides to this chapter

  • Jindrich_Tekengebied 1
  • Jindrich Krejčí | Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA)

    In preparation of the Expert tour guide, I have used my almost 20 years of experience in building CSDA data services as well as my experience in teaching data management and social survey methodology.

  • Johana_Tekengebied 1
  • Johana Chylikova | Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA)

    I am a quantitatively oriented social researcher and my main focus is the validity of survey data and measurement errors. While working on the content of this chapter I made use of my experience in analysing data and designing surveys and questionnaires.