Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

CESSDA Trust Group


The CESSDA Trust Group offers both existing and aspiring service providers guidance and support in meeting a range of issues and standards relating to trusted data and services. CESSDA requires the adoption of specific criteria such as the internal obligations required from all members (CESSDA statutes) and the trustworthy digital repository (TDR) requirements set by the CoreTrustSeal.

These goals must be met within the evolving infrastructure (skills, services and technology) of European and international research data science.

CESSDA Trust Group consists of a core of service providers with experience in trust standards and certification and key contacts representing each of the CESSDA members and aspiring members.

The group's goals are met through:

  • Guidance, engagement and support to members in understanding, acquiring and maintaining compliance with CESSDA obligations and the requirements of the CoreTrustSeal.
  • Monitoring and reviewing compliance at an individual and organisational maturity level. Engaging with trust-related elements of the CESSDA work plan including other working groups and projects.
  • Maintaining an overview of the trust landscape including certification standards and the emergence of the FAIR data principles and the requirements of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC).