Consortium of European Social Science Data Archives

Upcoming events

Tue 26 Nov 2019

Join us for a workshop on changes to the CoreTrustSeal, Trus & FAIR and a round table of information exchange and support.

Tue 26 Nov 2019 - Thu 28 Nov 2019

Wed 27 Nov 2019 - Thu 28 Nov 2019

GESIS will host a two-day event showcasing diverse training resources on both tools and services, several produced in 2019. There will be two tracks of events. The first is directed toward training resources for researchers. The second track will be on resources for direct use by service provider staff. Some of these might include how staff can support researchers using their resources. There will be materials at both introductory and advanced levels, and formats will be varied, including presentations, video, demonstrations, and workshops.

Wed 27 Nov 2019 - Fri 29 Nov 2019

GESIS is organizing a workshop on the European Union Labour Force Survey (EU LFS). The course is aimed at post-graduate and senior researchers from throughout Europe, who are seeking to conduct research on the basis of the EU LFS. Besides highlighting the legal and administrative aspects of data access, data Structure, and data Management, the course will demonstrate the possibilities of the EU LFS in a hands‐on computer session which will explore the potential for both international as well as longitudinal analysis. Basic understanding in multivariate statistical methods and Stata will be required.The course will take place in Mannheim, Germany from 27 to 29 November 2019.

Thu 28 Nov 2019

How can we understand the impact of computers and the internet on everyday life? Hosted by the So.Da.Net network (the Greek research infrastructure for the social sciences), this webinar will explore research and data on the topic. The webinar will include two guest speakers. First, Professor Nicolas Demertzis, University of Athens, Director & President of the Governing Body, EKKE will address how data from the World Internet Project (WIP) supports research into the digital divide. Then, Dr Stamatis Poulakidakos from Athens University will discuss the impact of social media within the national campaigns of 2019' European elections.

Fri 29 Nov 2019

In the first part of the webinar "The CESSDA EuroQuestionBank: Search, find and reuse questionnaire items from social scientific research", we will give a brief overview of the CESSDA EuroQuestionBank (EQB) project and will present the current User Interface. We will demonstrate how the EuroQuestionBank helps researchers to find, compare and download questions, question-related and study-related information.The second half of the webinar might be of particular interest to developers and metadata providers in or outside of the CESSDA community. We will present the EQB architecture and the purpose of the components. We will also introduce the requirements for metadata providers if they plan to supply their metadata to EQB.

Mon 2 Dec 2019

This webinar is an introduction to the new QAMyData tool for health-checking your numeric data, recently launched in November 2019.The tool uses automated methods to detect and report on some of the most common problems found in survey or numeric data, such as missingness, duplication, outliers and direct identifiers. The open source tool helps data creators and users quality assess a numeric data file using a comprehensive list of ‘tests’, classified into types: file, metadata, data integrity, and direct identifiers. Popular file formats can be tested, including SPSS, Stata, SAS and CSV. The test configuration feature allows the creation of your own unique Data Quality Profile, that can play a useful role in your ‘FAIR’ data checking.

Tue 3 Dec 2019 - Wed 4 Dec 2019

EDDI 2019, the 11th Annual European DDI User Conference will take place in Tampere, Finland on 3rd - 4th December, 2019.EDDI19 is organized jointly by the Finnish Social Science Data Archive, Tampere University, Statistics Finland, GESIS - Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences and IDSC of IZA - International Data Service Center of the Institute for the Study of Labor. The conference will bring together DDI users and professionals from all over Europe and the world. Anyone interested in developing, applying, or using DDI is invited to attend and present.

Thu 5 Dec 2019

The CESSDA Technical Infrastructure Training Day will be held on 5th December 2019.

Thu 23 Jan 2020 - Fri 24 Jan 2020

Are you looking for a repository software to run your research data repository? Are you already using Dataverse and want to exchange experiences and learn more about Dataverse?

Mon 2 Mar 2020 - Fri 20 Mar 2020

The GESIS Spring Seminar offers three consecutive one-week courses in advanced methods of quantitative data analysis for Social Scientists. It has been taking place in Cologne annually every spring for more than 45 years.This year, three courses on Digital Behavioral Data are offered: Fundamentals of Data Analysis with Python (02 - 06.03.2020); A Practical Introduction to Machine Learning in Python (09 - 13.03.2020); Social Network Analysis with Digital Behavioral Data (16 - 20.03.2020).

Tue 19 May 2020 - Fri 22 May 2020

IASSIST is an international organization of professionals working in and with information technology and data services to support research and teaching in the social sciences.Organized by The Swedish National Data Service (SND) the annual conference takes place in Gothenburg on 19-22 May 2020.The conference theme, “Data by Design: Building a Sustainable Data Culture”, emphasizes two core values embedded in the culture of Gothenburg and Sweden: design and sustainability.The overview of the program is available on the website of IASSIST2020.IASSIST2020 welcomes presentations and workshops on several topics. The deadline for submission of all proposals is 6 December 2019.Registration opens in February.

Tue 19 May 2020 - Fri 22 May 2020

The 46th annual conference of the International Association for Social Science Information Services and Technology (IASSIST) will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden from 19 to 22 May 2020.

Past events

Tue 5 Nov 2019 - Wed 6 Nov 2019

Wed 23 Oct 2019 - Fri 25 Oct 2019

RDA 14th Plenary in Finland brings together data experts in research, industry and policy-making from all around the world and from all disciplines under the theme Data Makes the Difference.

Mon 21 Oct 2019

At last! A discussion forum for all five ESFRI cluster projects, RDA Working and Interest Groups, and EOSC representatives on our journey to EOSC.

Mon 14 Oct 2019 - Tue 15 Oct 2019

The second consortium meeting of the SSHOC project will take place in Florence, Italy, on 14 and 15 October 2019.

Wed 9 Oct 2019 - Thu 10 Oct 2019

Every six months, the service providers of CESSDA meet. They are the institutions which are responsible for providing a service to CESSDA.

Thu 26 Sep 2019 - Fri 27 Sep 2019

The focus of the CESSDA Expert Seminar 2019 (CES2019) will be on peer exchange and sharing experiences around tools and services.

Wed 4 Sep 2019 - Sat 7 Sep 2019

The 2019 General Conference will be held at the University of Wrocław, Poland.

Tue 20 Aug 2019 - Fri 23 Aug 2019

The European Sociological Association (ESA) is organising its 2019 conference in Manchester on 20-23 August.

Wed 17 Jul 2019 - Sat 20 Jul 2019

Mon 15 Jul 2019 - Fri 19 Jul 2019

The 8th ESRA Conference will be held in Zagreb, Croatia, on 15-19 July 2019. The conference is hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Zagreb.