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Thu 3 Dec 2020 09:00 - Fri 4 Dec 2020 18:00

Expert Workshop - Mind the Gap: Critical Perspectives on Migration Theories and Data

The expert workshop on “Mind the Gap: Critical Perspectives on Migration Theory and Data” will take place on 3-4 December in Brussels, Belgium.

This international workshop will convene established scholars, members of statistical offices and public institutes, data collectors, data holders and data users, practitioners, policymakers, students, and civil society organisations who work on migration related issues (I.e. international migration, migration flows, drivers of migration, migration scenarios, migration statistics and estimates, immigration, emigration, economic migration, international students, brain drain, family unification, unaccompanied minors, asylum seekers and forced migration, etc).

The participants are expected to present their work and discuss the topics related to gaps, collection, limitations, quality and development of international migration data and theories. Nevertheless, the applications are not limited to the above-mentioned topics, experts of other disciplines who want to tackle the issue of gap in migration data and theories from a different perspective are also welcomed to submit their applications.

Guide for applicants

Deadline for submission: 15 June 2020

Find out more on the workshop website.