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Mon 29 Jun 2020 11:00 - Wed 1 Jul 2020 15:00

ICTeSSH2020 - International Conference on ICT enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities 2020

The ICTeSSH 2020 conference aims to bring together leading SSH researchers, computer scientists, informaticians, publishers, librarians, vendors of research ICT tools, SSH decision makers and others, to exchange and share their experiences and research results on all aspects of ICT enhanced Social Sciences and Humanities.

SSH researchers should be awakened to the huge possibilities and avenues for research based on ICT. The future of science is about multidisciplinary collaboration and applying new technologies. ICT tools for SSH researchers already exist, such as research-oriented social networking sites and tools to support scientific research, to manage labs and data, and to enable better communication.

CESSDA is organising a training on "Using software testing strategies and tools to produce ‘fit for purpose’ componentsTraining description".

The operation of sustainable services provided by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Infrastructures (such as CESSDA ERIC) is only possible if the software components used to deliver them are production ready. In recognition of this requirement, CESSDA has long been working on defining its own internal procedures to ensure appropriate quality levels are set and met.

The trainees will become familiar with different types of testing strategies, and examples of tools (such as Jenkins, SonarQube, JMeter and Selenium) that can be used to automated them.

Read the full training description here.

Find out more on the conference website.