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Big data: A technological industry perspective and some case studies from medical devices and smart cities to city transport planning

Following on from the previous article on EDF2015, this one focusses on the industry perspective of big data with some real-life examples of big data in use or planned.

The innovation keynote on day two of the EDF2015 was delivered by Dr. Tanja Rueckert, Executive Vice President, IoT & Customer Innovation, SAP SE, who presented a few trends and examples from start-ups working on the internet of things. She was adamant that we need to foster innovation and attract it to Europe. Having lived one and a half years in Silicon Valley, she found it very easy to find money to invest in an idea there in contrast to in Europe. She emphasised the importance of data technologies by reminding participants that in the last two years, 90 percent of data has been generated to which she added: “we cannot imagine what will happen in the next few years”.

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