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CESSDA Annual Report 2019 is published

To find out more about our organisation, our activities and our plans for the future, please take a look at our latest annual report.

"Our economies are under pressure, societies are in lockdown, and millions of people are affected. Scientists are racing to find medicine and a vaccine, so that we can return to how things were before. However, I do not believe that this ‘old situation’ will come back, but rather that we will return to ‘a new normal’. What will society look like in this ‘new normal’?

How did people act and behave during this crisis, and what about in a future crisis? Looking back, what would have been an optimal strategy for a country to choose? To answer these types of questions, and many more that will arise, we need a social data platform. – Ron Dekker, CESSDA Director

“Social science data archives exist in over 35 European countries, and all of them participate in CESSDA. In 2019, 20 of them were members, and the others were partner organisations, several of which are in the process of becoming a CESSDA member. Together they provide access to tens of thousands of data sets. A growing number of these can be found via the joint CESSDA Data Catalogue as member data archives add their metadata to the catalogue (over 35,000 data sets on 1 September 2020).” – Peter Doorn, Chair of the General Assembly and Director of DANS

The CESSDA Annual Report 2019 covers activities and results of all of our working groups (training, trust, tools and services, technical) as well as our widening activities, communications, projects, governance and management, and presents the financial information of the past year.

This year, we decided to ask a local Bergen artist, Nadja Asghar, to create unique illustrations for this report. It was our way of showing support for the arts sector during the COVID-19 lockdown. Find out more on her website.

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