Image: Fabien Barral via Unsplash
Fri 14 Jan 2022

To find out more about our organisation, our activities and our plans for the future, please take a look at our latest annual report.

"If life in a virtual world became a major trend in 2020, so did data. The demand for information on the virus from the natural and medical sciences exploded. In the case of a virus transmitted via human interaction, it was soon obvious that data about people, what they think and how they behave, would be of the utmost importance. To curtail the pandemic, we need to understand how societies tick, we need data on social phenomena." – Helena Laaksonen, Chair of the General Assembly.

"As the CESSDA community grew, we shifted our focus to improving our communication with existing members. On tools and services, we stabilised as well. Instead of developing new tools, we focused on the sustainability of existing core tools. We organised targeted webinars on the CESSDA Data Catalogue and the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide." – Ron Dekker, Director of CESSDA.

The CESSDA Annual Report 2020 covers strategic, operational, strategic, and technical activities and results, as well as communications, projects, governance and management. It presents the financial information of the past year and a future perspective.

This year, we decided once more to ask a local artist, Clémence Mérouze, to create unique illustrations for this report. It is our way of showing support for the arts sector during the COVID-19 crisis.

All of our annual reports can be consulted here.