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CESSDA Expert Seminar 2018: Balancing Theory with Practice

Steve Crouch, Software Sustainability Institute, and John Shepherdson, CESSDA Platform Delivery Director describe the main outcomes of two technical training events which took place in 2018 and plans for the next steps in 2019.

Any research community needs both resources and skills to thrive, and CESSDA's software development community certainly has the resources in the form of their sophisticated Research Infrastructure. The challenge is upskilling new developers to keep pace with all the relevant technologies, guidance, and procedures, whilst bringing existing developers up to date.

The CESSDA Expert Seminar (CES2018) took place in September last year and combined strong theoretical underpinnings with Software Carpentry-inspired practical sessions. It was a successful and well-received approach to this challenge, as was a follow-up event held in December.

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