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CESSDA Platform – Taking a new approach: #2 Deploying Microservices with Helm (improving rollout and rollback)

Here is the second in a series of articles about how the Platform team is improving the quality and availability of CESSDA's Technical Infrastructure.

This article looks at how the CESSDA Platform team goes about deploying microservices with Helm: firstly by touching on the background relating to the theory and practice of using Helm; secondly by looking in detail at CESSDA’s generic implementation; and thirdly by giving the concrete example of deploying an application in the form of multiple microservices via the CESSDA Data Catalogue.

It is the second in a series of articles. The previous one was "#1 Technical documentation as code" and the next will be "#3 Configuration as code", both of which take a similar approach to this one.

More information:

Read the full article by our CESSDA Cloud Platform Delivery Director and Technical Working Group Leader John Shepherdson on LinkedIn.

See the previous article in this series: CESSDA Platform – Taking a new approach: #1 Technical Documentation As Code.