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ESS receives dataset award

The European Social Survey (ESS) has been chosen as the winner of the Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba (LPV) Dataset Award 2020.

Each year, a winner for the LPV Award is chosen by the Comparative Politics Section of the American Political Science Association (APSA) for the best data set in comparative politics. For 2020, the award goes to ESS, where the CESSDA Service Provider, the Norwegian Centre for Research Data – NSD, is the data archive.

The Committee highlighted the quality of ESS surveys, the regularity of release, the ease of use of the ESS website and the number of important and innovative research projects that have made use of the data.

“We are proud to contribute to making this valuable data easily accessible and easy to use. ESS is a commitment to the social sciences in Europe over a long period of time, and which results in high-quality research,” states Vigdis N. Kvalheim, Director of NSD.

About the award

Named after the political scientists Arend Lijphart, Adam Przeworski and Sidney Verba, the award is a significant achievement for everyone involved with the ESS.

The selection committee for the award was formed of Bryan D. Jones (Chair, University of Texas at Austin), Michael Coppedge (University of Notre Dame) and Professor Pippa Norris (Harvard University).

About ESS

The European Social Survey is a large biannual survey that monitors social change in Europe. Since 2002, ESS has collected comparative data from well over 30 European countries.

Within the research community, ESS is often referred to as the gold standard for comparative surveys on attitudes towards society and politics.

The surveys are conducted by the ESS Core Scientific Team, where the CESSDA Service Providers NSD and GESIS are members, along with five other professional teams. In addition, NSD is responsible for curating, disseminating and archiving the data.

Professor Rory Fitzgerald, Director of ESS ERIC, welcomed the award and said: “The European Social Survey is delighted to win this award in recognition of the high quality and utility of ESS datasets. It is wonderful to see the ESS recognised by political scientists who are a key user group for the survey.”

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