Image: Fabien Barral via Unsplash
Tue 21 Dec 2021

The Research Council of Norway has published a report and recommendations about licensing and making research data available.

The report refers to chapter five of the CESSDA Data Management Expert Guide (DMEG) on several occasions and lists the DMEG in its list of useful resources (p. 39):

  • "An overview of the diversity of copyright protection in different European jurisdictions has been prepared by CESSDA." (p. 34)
  • "CESSDA's resource page on informed consent describes examples of ‘granular consent’." (p. 37)

"We hope this report and the recommendations herein can form a useful knowledge basis and tool for future work on legal and practical aspects of data sharing. Furthermore, we hope it can help to encourage responsible sharing and re-use of research data in a way that also safeguards considerations for research ethics, data protection and other issues described in this report." – Jan Magnus Aronsen, Chair of the Committee on sharing and reuse of research data.

Read the final report in English: How should we share research data? Report and recommendations relating to licensing and making research data available (PDF).

More information:

Find out more about the work of the Committee.