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How to deal with Persistent Identifiers in the coming years: CESSDA's PID Policy

CESSDA ERIC approved its Persistent Identifier Policy on 22 November 2017 at the second meeting of its General Assembly.


The CESSDA ERIC Persistent Identifier Policy is intended to support the aims of locating, discovering, referencing, identifying and citing CESSDA Service Providers’ data holdings. It serves as a basis for a common approach to the use of Persistent Identifier services.

The Policy contains requirements regarding the use of Persistent Identifiers to which the CESSDA Service Providers must adhere. The Policy framework covers the general principles for the use of Persistent Identifiers across CESSDA Service Providers ( and contains Best Practice Guidelines (

The Best Practice Guidelines serve to provide additional information and guidance on the use and implementation of Persistent Identifiers. The document provides further guidance on key strategic issues related to the Persistent Identifier Policy (e.g. granularity, versioning, etc.).

The six principles of the Persistent Identifier Policy are aligned with the CESSDA ERIC Statutes and the CESSDA ERIC Data Access Policy. They relate to identifying, locating, resolving, referencing and citation, visibility and flexibility of each CESSDA Service Provider's data holdings.

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