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New FNESdata portal provides a new way to compare election study data in Finland

The new FNESdata Longitudinal Survey Metadata Portal of the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) allows users to examine the variables in the combined data of four Finnish National Election Studies (2013–2015).

Users can examine individual datasets and search for variables in them or they can browse questions in the combined data by topic using the Explore feature. The convenient variable comparison enables fresh perspectives and new research on existing data. The portal also has a basket where users can save the variables they need.

Recurring variables in the FNES data include, for example, interest in politics and elections as well as questions about voting and abstaining from voting. The variables also include respondents’ political attitudes and views on democracy.

The FNESdata portal is available in English and was developed using the Colectica platform.

The new service is likely to be of particular interest to election researchers, and the fact that it is available in English will further facilitate the use of Finnish election studies abroad.

The FNESdata Longitudinal Survey Metadata Portal is available on the FSD website at

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