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New name for NSD

Norwegian Social Science Data Services changes its name to NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data.

“NSD’s services are much more comprehensive than they used to be, and they cover a wider range of disciplines than just the social sciences. Our new name: ‘NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data’ is therefore a better reflection of the services we offer today. At the same time, the initials NSD are deeply rooted in the consciousness of national and international researchers, and that is something we wish to retain”, says NSD’s Director Bjørn Henrichsen.

Today, NSD is one of the world’s largest research data archives; headquartered in Bergen, and employing almost 100 staff members.

Leading Norwegian social scientists spearheaded efforts to create a research data archive, resulting in the establishment of NSD in 1971. Until 2003 it was affiliated with the Research Council of Norway, and has since been a limited company wholly owned by the Ministry of Education and Research.

NSD archives, organises and disseminates data to national and international research groups as well as Norwegian authorities. Highly skilled ICT personnel develop technical solutions for production, curation, access and analysis of data.

NSD is a national centre of expertise in privacy protection issues and acts as data protection official for around 140 Norwegian research institutions. NSD also organises Norway’s national School Election Project.

“If we think of knowledge and research as ‘the new petroleum’, then we might call research data the ‘crude oil’. Access to data is becoming ever more important for researchers, and NSD is based on the fundamental value that research data are a common good. Therefore, the principles of open access, equal treatment and sharing of research data have always permeated NSD, and will continue to do so”, says Bjørn Henrichsen.

Read the press release in Norwegian:

NSD får nytt navn (01.03.16)

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