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Mon 30 Mar 2020

The WageIndicator Foundation announces the Continuous Global Online Survey ‘Living and Working in Corona Times’!

WageIndicator shows coronavirus-induced changes in living and working conditions in 110 countries. The changes are visualised in maps and graphs. These infographics show, from day to day, the consequences the large majority of the working population of the world experiences, on the basis of answers to the following questions in the Corona survey:

  • Is your work affected by the corona crisis?
  • Are precautionary measures taken at the workplace?
  • Do you have to work from home?
  • Has your workload increased/decreased?
  • Have you lost your job/work/assignments?

First results show an enormous impact of the coronavirus on work in general. In the Netherlands for instance, a country severely hit, 95 percent of participants in the survey state that their work is impacted by the corona-crisis.

The survey contains questions about the home situation of respondents as well as about the possible manifestation of the corona disease in members of the household. Also the effect of having a pet in the house in corona-crisis times is included.

Read the full news article on the WageIndicator website.

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For the list of participating countries, check this overview: Living and Working in Times of the Coronavirus

Find your country, do the survey and find the results!

Project page and team: Coronavirus Work & Life in Maps and Graphs - updated daily

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More information

WageIndicator is part of the SSHOC project community. CLARIN - Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, hosts the WageIndicator research infrastructure. WageInidcator is a non-profit foundation, which aims to share and compare wages and labour law on a global scale through its national websites in 140 countries with millions of web visitors. WageIndicator’s web visitors are invited to complete the survey on Living and Working in Corona Times. The survey reaches out to all people in working age, contracted, self-employed and unemployed alike.