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Image by (CC-BY 2.5 Denmark license)

Image by (CC-BY 2.5 Denmark license)



The Cost-Benefit Advocacy Toolkit: Useful tools for funding your social science data archive

The toolkit aims to support organisations wishing to set themselves up as new national data services in the social sciences.

Existing archives can also use it to maintain and continue to develop their services.

The toolkit is therefore of interest to a wide audience in research data management and digital preservation, and particularly for all European Social Science Data Archives. Elements of the toolkit are likely to be relevant in advocacy to other groups or in supporting broader operational tasks. It was developed within the CESSDA SaW project, which aims to strengthen and widen the CESSDA network.

You can access the toolkit and download any components from here.

It is comprised of:

  • A User Guide;
  • Three Factsheets (Benefits, Costs, and Return on Investment);
  • Four Case Studies from Social Science Data Archives (ADP in Slovenia, FSD in Finland, LiDA in Lithuania, and UKDS in the UK);
  • Two Worksheets (the Archive Development Canvas, and the Benefits Summary for a Data Archive);
  • A Deliverable Report describing how the toolkit was developed.

In addition, the toolkit describes and links to a number of pre-existing external tools and relevant studies.

Feedback received on the draft toolkit from attendees at the International Digital Curation Conference IDCC 2017 workshop earlier this year included:

"This was one of the most relevant and important workshops I have ever attended in my 14 years of professional experience in this library profession. Since I am interacting with senior stakeholders (e.g. assistant vice-presidents, Deans, Chairs, & associate Deans etc.), cost-benefit and ROI are very important to the development of research data services."

"The worksheets are really useful, and very relevant to be used at an institutional level."

"Highly relevant and good content."

The CESSDA SaW project is funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the agreement No.674939. The development of the toolkit was led by Charles Beagrie Ltd, with support from the Slovenian Social Science Data Archive (ADP), the Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD), the Lithuanian Social Science Data Archive (LiDA), the University of Tartu in Estonia (UTARTU), and the UK Data Service (UKDS).

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