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The road ahead for CESSDA’s Nordic data archives

This is the first in a series of news stories from across the CESSDA collaboration, which spans sixteen European countries with national data archives and services.

As Bergen is the seat of the main office of the European Research Infrastructure CESSDA, our journey begins in the North of Europe as we take a closer look at what lies ahead over the coming period. What will CESSDA’s Nordic archives be focusing their attention on for the remainder of 2016?

Our Norwegian data archive - NSD

Last autumn, NSD - Norwegian Centre for Research Data was granted a new large-scale infrastructure project by the Norwegian Research Council, NORDi (Norwegian Open Research Data Infrastructure) to modernise and strengthen NSD as a national research data archive and point of access for data and training services. Much of NSD’s work will therefore concentrate on NORDi in the coming months and years (...)

Our Swedish data archive - SND

After Hans Jørgen Marker, the former director of SND (Swedish National Data Service) stepped down in July 2015 and was later presented the Promoter of Data Archiving Award in April this year, Max Petzold was appointed as the new director of SND on 1 November 2015 for a three year period, while also retaining his position of professor of biostatistics at the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg. For the years to come, SND intends to actively support the university archives, libraries and IT services via courses and consultancy work (...)

Our Finnish data archive - FSD

Autumn began at FSD with a couple of seminars in Tampere on 14 and 15 September: “Data Protection - Seminar for humanists” and “Seminar on Data Reuse and Aila Data Service” (in Finnish). These seminars presented good opportunities to communicate about the archive’s activities and services with specific target audiences. FSD is also participating in several national research conferences where it will promote its activities via a range of communication channels (...)

Our Danish data archive - DDA

In Denmark the National Archives – of which the Danish Data Archive (DDA) is a part – collects research data in accordance with the Danish Archives Act. In practice this has not been implemented consistently until recently. However, universities are now to be subject to the same regulation as the public research institutions, given that they are both seen as part of the public sector and thereby subject to the Archives Act (...)

Stay tuned for further news from across the CESSDA collaboration in the new year.

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