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Presentation: The CESSDA Data Archives joint efforts to support journals in data sharing and reproducibility [Panel]

2022-06-09 Data preservation Presentation Slides
The presentations covered the whole range of support to journals, starting with the challenges in how to equip them to be able to articulate realistic and appropriate data sharing policies. The promotion of data sharing policies goes in parallel with the support offered in implementing them using...

Presentation: The CESSDA Data Archiving Guide: A resource for people who love data [Workshop]

2022-06-07 Data preservation Presentation Slides
This is the presentation "The CESSDA Data Archiving Guide: A resource for people who love data" from the workshop at the IASSIST 2022 conference.

Presentation: Data Community for Cohort Survey [COORDINATE]

2022-06-07 Data preservation Presentation Slides
Training for the data community of the COORDINATE project will support community-building and facilitate improved access to longitudinal survey data on child wellbeing. Part of Panel 3 at IASSIST 2022 conference.

Presentation: CESSDA Data Archiving Guide Soft Launch

2021-11-16 Data preservation Presentation Slides
The Data Archiving Guide (DAG) is a new resource developed by CESSDA and is designed to provide employees at data archives and repositories with an understanding of the work a data archive performs. The information in the DAG was collected by experts from CESSDA social science data archives refle...

Archiving Social Media Data: A guide for archivists and researchers

2021-07-19 Data preservation Short guide Text
Social media data are increasingly used in the social sciences. Archiving social media data is associated with a number of specific practical, legal, and ethical challenges that researchers and archivists need to address.

Webinar: Open forum: Challenges of sharing data linked to publications

2021-06-30 Data preservation Data management Webinar Video
The forum served as a place for presenting findings from the Journals Outreach activities (CESSDA Work Plan 2020), for engaging with a panel of journal editors, publishers, researchers and data archives to discuss the challenges of data sharing from different perspectives and highlight good pract...