The Training Working Group

Currently, the CESSDA Training Working Group has members from most CESSDA Service Providers.

The leader of the Training Group is Irena Vipavc Brvar, Director of ADP.

Training Working Group

Our goals are to:

  • foster data sharing and to ensure well-trained researchers in data management and data use;
  • ensure the excellence of data professionals and staff in all CESSDA Services Providers;
  • promote state of the art use of the curated data for research and policy purposes;
  • actively contribute to the promotion and adoption throughout the social sciences community.

To do so, we:

  • train trainers, data producers and users as well as data professionals and CESSDA Service Providers staff in research data management,
  • data discovery, harmonisation and use as well as in digital preservation, data archiving and CESSDA tools and services;
  • design and deliver training materials to enable self-training;
  • contribute to the development of standards and best-practise guidelines in data curation, data management, data discovery and use.