Thu 25 Apr 2019 11:00
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Data discovery & use

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Data producers
Data professionals
Data users

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Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA)

Webinar - Data Discovery

Data discovery is a crucial stage in the research process, especially in the social sciences and humanities as many valuable studies have originated from secondary data.

Speakers from the Czech Social Science Data Archive (CSDA), Johana Chylíková and Martin Vávra, will take participants on a tour through five core elements of the discovery process. These elements are 1) identification of the purpose of the specific data use intended, 2) finding an appropriate data resource, 3) setting up a search query, 4) selecting the data and finally 5) evaluation of the data quality.

The guest speaker, sociologist Kristýna Bašná from the Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences, will present her personal experience with discovering data in the context of her research on civic culture and democracy.

The speakers will talk for approximately half an hour and then there will be another half an hour for questions.

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Material from the webinar available: