EOSC Enhance

CONSORTIUM: 15 Beneficiaries + 6 Linked Third Parties
CESSDA ROLE: Beneficiary
DURATION: 2019 – 2021
BUDGET: EUR 1 999 700

Enhancing the EOSC portal and connecting thematic clouds (EOSC Enhance)

The EOSC Enhance project started in December 2019 as an upgrade and extension of a previous EOSC project. Its main objectives are to enhance the service provider interface and to accelerate the deployment and uptake of EOSC services and resources in the EOSC catalogue.

As one of the ESFRI Cluster representatives, CESSDA will principally be involved in activities relating to the adaptation and further development of the EOSC catalogue, as well as in advising on functional specifications and testing API for interconnecting and harvesting the thematic services.

Participation in this project is an opportunity for reaching new users and for aligning SSHOC project instruments and resources with EOSC.

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