Image: Fabien Barral via Unsplash
Thu 12 Aug 2021

Let the EOSC Future team know how they can make an EOSC that works for you

EOSC Future is an EU-funded project that will develop a European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) to strengthen European science.

It will create a virtual environment where researchers can find, share and process interoperable data sets, publications, code and other research outputs.

The EOSC environment will also include professional data, computing and storage services to facilitate scientific workflows. The project looks to create a so-called ‘system of systems’ that will support the entire lifecycle of research data: from sharing, managing and exploiting their own data to discovering, re-using and recombining the data sets of others.

Your inputs can help make sure that this cluster of products and services responds to changing real-life needs.

User Personas Survey

Please complete the survey by 30 September 2021.

This will give us a better idea of the challenges you are facing in your day-to-day work and how EOSC services could help.

The data collected with the survey will be used for the sole purpose of their analysis and stored according to the EOSC Portal privacy policy.

The survey takes around 15 minutes.

Complete the survey here.

EOSC Future User Group

You can also apply to the EOSC Future User Group until 15 September 2021.

EOSC Future is seeking researchers and actors from all scientific fields to closely support the co-design of EOSC.

Apply here.