Image: Fabien Barral via Unsplash
Wed 19 Oct 2022

The Czech Social Science Data Archive is a national data service centre for social science research. Hear from Institute Director, Jindřich Krejčí.

The CESSDA Country Spotlight series showcases national service providers. We interviewed representatives of the national service providers, dear members of the CESSDA community. We asked them about the value CESSDA provides their data archive and vice versa.

The Czech Social Science Data Archive

The Czech Social Science Data Archive (ČSDA) acquires, processes, and archives documents, datasets and digital data files and provides access to them for a wider public. Thanks to its efforts, data and research results become available for secondary scientific research and training at higher education.

As a member of CESSDA, ČSDA also participates in networks of transnational data access, creates the background for Czech participation in international comparative survey programmes, and promotes secondary data analysis in social science research in general.

Finally, ČSDA aims to provide comprehensive data services focused on the reuse of data in the research process, which are based on the FAIR data principles (findability, accessibility, interoperability and reusability) of research data.

Institute Director Jindřich Krejčí about CESSDA

“CESSDA is a platform for development of common standards, technologies, policies, and cooperation. Current science is very much about cooperation in Europe and internationally. When we talk about social sciences, it’s very much about international comparison.

CESSDA contributes to the international competitiveness of Czech social research and its integration into international global research, not only European. It’s done by higher quality data services and the integration of these data services into the European community.

We want to help the Czech Republic to build the EOSC at a national level and to use our know-how which we have received from CESSDA and international cooperation.” Jindřich Krejčí, Director of the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

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