Bulgaria (partner)

The national data service

The national data service will be a unit of the Institute for the Study of Societies and Knowledge at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (ISSK-BAS). ISSK-BAS will be the national collector and provider of social survey research data collected by Bulgarian research and scientific institutions in the social sciences and humanities.

ISSK-BAS was founded in 2010, bringing together the research experience of scientists from the Institute of Sociology, the Institute for Philosophical research, and the Centre for Science Studies and History of Science. ISSK-BAS is the main national research centre in the sphere of social sciences. The institute conducts complex theoretical and empirical, fundamental and applied research devoted to knowledge, values, and human society.

Social surveys conducted since 2000 make up the main data that will be included in the future data service collection. In collecting and managing social survey data, priority will be given to surveys in the following fields: sociology, political science, education, economics and psychology.

Surveys which cover all major aspects of socio-economic life of contemporary Bulgarian society are of high relevance to the archive. ISSK-BAS intends to provide access to both qualitative and quantitative data, as both qualitative and quantitative research methods produce valuable and highly applicable research data.

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