Latvia (partner)

The Latvian Social Sciences Data Archive - LSSDA

The Latvian Social Sciences Data Archive (LSSDA) will be a national research infrastructure that provides long-term preservation and distribution of research data in the social sciences in Latvia. The establishment of a new national data archive for the social sciences is a project led by the Latvian Sociological Association.

A previous national archive for the social sciences functioned from 1996 until 2009, which means that there is past experience and a virtual structure to build on. There are several potential institutions which could serve as a host institution for the national data service and LSSDA is open to cooperation with all relevant stakeholders.

The archive will collect data across a range of social science disciplines. This includes traditional-scale quantitative and qualitative data. The primary focus will be on quantitative data (surveys and several registers) in the disciplines of sociology, political science, education science, communication science, psychology, library and information science, public health, and economics.

Qualitative social sciences data require a different approach and will be added to the data collection at a later stage, in close cooperation with other stakeholders that have experience in working with such data (e.g. cultural heritage institutions, CLARIN centre, digital humanities centres).

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