CESSDA ID: crd-3009
Published: 2021-11-16
Publisher: CESSDA


Libby Bishop / Ellen Leenarts / Dimitra Kondyli / Ilze Lace / Iris Butzlaff


The Data Archiving Guide (DAG) is a new resource developed by CESSDA and is designed to provide employees at data archives and repositories with an understanding of the work a data archive performs. The information in the DAG was collected by experts from CESSDA social science data archives reflecting the procedures and policies at their local archives.

Online Soft Launch event of CESSDA DAG presented the content of the four current modules:

  • Chapter 1: Why archive data? FAQs.
  • Chapter 2: Policies – The Role of Policies in Data Archives.
  • Chapter 3: Pre-Ingest. It covers what data archives do to ensure that the incoming data meets the criteria of data collection and quality requirements before the data is accepted in the archive for further curation and preservation.
  • Chapter 4: Ingest. The purpose of this for the DAG is to describe what steps are necessary to guarantee high quality data, documentation material, and metadata so that they can be archived and provided to secondary users while ensuring data security and protection against loss and damage.


Collect feedback from participants on current modules and discuss future content plans.


  • Archives and data repositories


  • Social Sciences

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