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Published: 2022-06-09
Publisher: CESSDA


Štebe, Janez / Bezjak, Sonja / Alvanides, Serafeim / Recker, Jonas / Glavica, Marijana / Kranjec, Irena / Laaksonen, Helena / Kondyli, Dimitra / Klironomos, Nicolas / Linardis, Apostolos / Kleiner, Brian


The presentations covered the whole range of support to journals, starting with the challenges in how to equip them to be able to articulate realistic and appropriate data sharing policies. The promotion of data sharing policies goes in parallel with the support offered in implementing them using the dedicated data services. Thus, barriers and hesitation among journal editorial teams can be mitigated through the partnerships offered in providing data sharing facilities and advice, adapted to journals’ needs. Finally, new developments among the CESSDA national SPs were presented in enhancing the reproducibility and replication of the published results.

CESSDA ERIC is a European landmark data infrastructure owned by the member states. The data service provision is distributed among national service providers (SPs). The presentations on the proposed panel will show results of recent cooperation between selected CESSDA members’ data services and scientific journals. The dedicated CESSDA Journals Outreach 2021-22 project started in 2020. The first year of the project resulted in a national and international landscape analysis covering an overview of journals’ requirements and needs, and an assessment of the corresponding CESSDA SPs capacities to support specific needs. The project was prolonged in 2021 and 2022 with the journals’ outreach and support activities. The activities in 2022 concentrate on the national pilot studies in supporting journals, with the aim of collecting and sharing the experiences among project partners and demonstrating to the wider audience possible future developments.

The panel consisted of the following presenters of the national journals and data services pilot cooperation: Serafeim Alvanides, Reiner Mauer (GESIS, Germany), Sonja Bezjak, Janez Štebe (ADP/UL, Slovenia), Marijana Glavica, Irena Kranjec (CROSSDA/FFZG, Croatia), Brian Kleiner (FORS, Swiss), Dimitra Kondyli, Nicolas Klironomos, Apostolos Linardis (EKKE, Greece) and Helena Laaksonen (FSD, Finland).


To present joint efforts to support journals in data sharing and reproducibility.


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